Do you have enough spoons?

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Chronic illness sufferers often have difficulty in describing their lack of energy. 

Christine Miserandino, a lupus sufferer and creator of the “Spoon Theory”, used “spoons” as a visual way to explain how much energy she has throughout the day. The spoons represented daily energy. Each daily action requires some spoons for payment. Demanding tasks like showering will need more spoons than getting up to have supper.


The “Spoon Theory” is a powerful tool for chronic illness sufferers to understand themselves. It also brought a better understanding between patients or Spoonies (as they call themselves) and family members, as it helps them to express themselves. For example, to say: “I do not have enough spoons to prepare supper tonight”. 


The Spoon Theory helps outsiders understand what it’s like to live with chronic illness. It also enables patients to connect with others, express themselves and understand their own energy needs. They learn how to listen to their bodies and put their well-being first. 


How often do you run out of spoons? Have you ever wished that you can manage your stress and increase your spoons?

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