The story of Lekker Rooibos.


 "Lekker" can be described as pleasing or enjoyable. In Afrikaans, it used to describe enjoyment.


 My story


 I inherited spherocytosis from my mother and had a splenectomy that compromised my immune system. I battled with my health for most of my life and often did not feel well (lekker) and lacked energy.


 In February 2016, Annique Theron, the founder of Annique, died. I watched her life story on TV and was fascinated by her visionary leadership and entrepreneurial skills. I month later, I joined the Annique business, and I grabbed the opportunity eager to experience the incredible healing powers of Rooibos.


 Annique's superior quality Rooibos tea guarantees 80% leaves in the tea. The high percentage of leaves present in the Annique tea provides the tea with a naturally sweet taste. (Lekker). When I had to decide on a name for my business, it was easy. The Rooibos tea tastes "Lekker" (nice) because of the naturally sweet taste. I am currently feeling much better as I am reaping the health benefits of Rooibos. Therefore I decided to call my business Lekker Rooibos.

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Elsie Correia