The history of Annique Rooibos

Dr Annique Theron's journey with Rooibos began in 1968 when she discovered its natural healing powers. After warming a bottle of Rooibos tea for her allergic baby, Lorinda, she noticed that Lorinda had slept through the night and that her allergic reactions had subsided. This event prompted Dr Theron to explore the potential of Rooibos further despite facing scepticism and limited resources.

In 1971, she founded Annekie Theron Ondernemings (Pty) Ltd, later renamed Forever Young (Edms.) Bpk., which manufactures health and skincare products using Rooibos extract. She branded her products under the name Annique to give them international appeal. Her pioneering efforts were recognised globally, earning her two gold medals from the World Intellectual Property Organization in 1997, and she was named Female Inventor of the Year for her innovative products.

Dr Theron's dedication extended beyond her business. Despite the personal loss of her husband in 1990, she pursued her academic aspirations and earned a doctorate in alternative medicine at the age of 72. In 2005, she established a new headquarters in Irene, Pretoria, and celebrated the 35th anniversary of her business with a special rejuvenation cream. Ernst du Toit became the company's chief executive in 2008, and two years later, the Theron family sold the company. By 2011, marking its 40th anniversary, the company was renamed Annique Health and Beauty.

Annique Rooibos stands out today with over 150 high-quality health and beauty products, including skincare, health and lifestyle ranges, cosmetics, and fragrances. Renowned for using Rooibos in their formulations, Annique Rooibos products cater to various skin types and offer a unique business opportunity for independent consultants.

The healing properties of Rooibos make Annique Rooibos products exceptionally unique and trusted.

Dr Annique Theron's legacy continues to thrive, driven by her initial discovery and unwavering commitment to harnessing the benefits of Rooibos for health and beauty.