Is crying good for you?

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Is crying good for you?

We often take health and security for granted. Since the start of Covid, most of us have become more health-conscious and have looked at ways to improve our immune systems. We are all worried about our families safety and sometimes we feel how emotions build up inside us, but we try to be strong. We often feel all we need is a good cry. When I saw the heading of a Harvard Publication: “Is crying good for you?” it grabbed my attention.

Crying is indeed good for you as it releases stress and emotional pain. It enables your body and mind to reboot. If you don't cry when it's necessary, it harms your health and mental health as you keep the emotions inside your body.

Did you know that scientists divide the liquid product of crying into three categories?

  • Reflex tears;
  • Continuous tears and
  • Emotional tears.

The content of reflex tears and continuous tears is 98% water. The function of these tears is to remove debris like smoke and dust from the eyes. Emotional tears flush hormones and other toxins out of the body and offer the most health benefits as it releases oxytocin and endorphins that ease both physical and emotional pain.

It is vital to cry if you feel like it. Crying is sometimes associated with depression, but it can be a sign of healing. Prolonged stress depletes the body of vital vitamins and can cause burn-out and other diseases. When crying becomes overwhelming and uncontrollable, seek professional help as soon as possible.


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