Good health starts with a healthy gut.

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Good health starts in the gut. 

My health story is that I battled with my health for most of my life, and I have been on disability leave for two years. A dietitian took me under her wing and encouraged me to use a good probiotic daily.

Years later, my interest in health led me to join Annique as a consultant. Annique is a South African company that produces rooibos-based health and beauty products.

An imbalance between good and harmful organisms in the digestive tract can lead to poor digestion and discomfort in the gut. Many illnesses develop due to prolonged imbalances in the gut. The entire gut lining is replenished every four days, so continual supplementation with probiotics is vital for excellent health.
Numerous factors can affect the composition of beneficial intestinal microflora, leading to many health challenges. 
Seven signs of gut imbalance:
- constipation, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), bloating, belching,
- indigestion, diarrhoea, cramps;
- food allergies or intolerances;
- skin conditions like acne or eczema;
- immune system deficiencies;
- undesirable changes in bowel movements;
- thrush causing candida and other fungal infections;
- taking antibiotics, contraceptive pills and hormone replacement therapy (HRT).


Do you have a gut imbalance?

The good news is that Annique recently revamped their probiotic to become the best in the country with 15 probiotic strains instead of the average probiotic containing 9 and 18 billion CFUs of probiotics. Its benefits are vast, from soothing digestive problems, clearing skin problems like eczema and allergies, and strengthening your immune system.

Best probiotic in South Africa with 15 strains OptiFlora available at Lekker Rooibos

Find all the information regarding OptiFlora below.


Quantity CFU

B. breve

99 million

B. bifidum

33 million

B. infantis

16.5 million

B. lactis

2.84 billion

B. longum

66 million

L. acidophilus

4.36 billion

L. brevis

66 million

L. bulgaricus

16.5 million

L. casei

99 million

L. paracasei

132 million

L. plantarum

132 million

L. rhamnosus

66 million

L. salivarius

99 million

L. lactis

99 million

Bacillus subtilus

10 billion


Take action today and invest in your health and a good start will be to buy a multi-strain probiotic like OptiFlora.

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