READY, PEDI GO your best Rooibos Foot Spa

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It is sandal season. Your feet need a refreshing treat and you can treat yourself in the comfort of your own home with the easy five steps.

Step 1

Collect all your products needed for this ultimate relaxing food spa treatment. Make yourself a cup of Jasmine tea to enable you to relax.

Photo credit: Annique Rooibos


Step 2

Wash your hands with Resque Hand Wash. This antibacterial herbal gel hand wash prevents the transfer of bacteria.

Step 3

Add two bags of Jasmine tea to your foot spa and add the Miracle Tissue Oil Rooibos Retreat Body Wash and enjoy the lovely fragrance while soaking your feet to soften the skin. Scrub the feet and legs with the Resque Foot Scrub to remove all the dead cells from the skin.

Step 4

Dry the feet and legs with a towel and massage your feet and legs with the Resque Foot Butter. Apply Resque Circulation Treatment to help reduce swelling and discomfort.

Step 5

Then spray the Resque Refreshing Spray on your feet to cool and calm your feet.


Ready Pedi Go…

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