World Mental Health Day

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10 October is World Mental Health Day and what a year it has been.

I want to express my gratitude towards health professionals that have been part of my journey to bounce back from burnout. The psychiatrist helped me to feel more energised by ensuring I have a good night's rest. The psychologist taught me how to change my mindset. I felt that my life was in a downward spiral of negativity and controlled externally instead of internally.

INVEST in your mental health, that is the focus for World Mental Health Day this year.  Don’t ignore the warning signs and seek professional help if your stress spirals out of control.

To manage everyday stress levels, LekkerRooibos has a variety of teas to assist with relaxation and has a supplement called OptiCalm that contains all the stress-reducing Vitamins.  Resque mist can be sprayed on the back of your neck to relieve the tension in your stiff muscles. CBD tablets does wonders for anxiety and depression, improves insomnia and relieve chronic pain.

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