What is your favourite scent?

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Every day brings its own experience and with spring arriving new smells in the air will be pleasantly teasing our sense of smell. Lets hope spring clears Covid away.

Last week I had a sore throat and failed my self-screening test and was not allowed to go to work.  I went back to the list of symptoms and  noticed loss of taste or smell are also on the list. I must say I took more deep breaths last week and were grateful that I could smell that Spring is in the air. It reminded me of a popular Afrikaans song:

My nooi is in n naartjie my ouma in kaneel ... daar is iemand in anys daar's 'n vrou in elke geur…freely translated..( My girlfriend is in a nartjie my grandmother in cinnamon ... there is someone in anise there is a woman in every scent. )

Photo by Matthew Hendry

I found an interesting article on choosing a work-from-home scent which can boost focus and productivity. What is your favourite scent?

I love to spray the Resque Mist in my home office as it helps me to focus and opens up my air way, as it contains Wintergreen, Euculaptus, Peppermint oil, Camphor and Mentol. When visitors enter my home they always commented on the aroma of the house.

What is your favourite scent?

Check if your sense of smell is still in tact by refreshing your home office and car with Resque Mist.

Buy your Resque Mist during September at only R169 for 100ml.



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