Do you love your skin?

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Photo by Samantha  Hurley

Photo by Samantha Hurley.

We often discover during winter that we have neglected our skin as it feels dry, tight, itchy, and rough. Protection against dry winter air and extra hot baths, showers, air-conditioners, and heaters is vital for healthy skin.

Skin surface characteristics such as skin tone, evenness, and pigmentation are the indicators of your skin's health.  If you're washing up with a bar of soap and semi-regularly slapping on a layer of lotion, it’s time to create a skincare routine for your body. The best time to hydrate your body is after a shower. 

Do you have daily skincare routine with products suitable for your skin? The correct moisturisers for your skin type and skin condition is vital for optimum results. If you are not sure what your skin type is, contact me for the correct skincare recommendation routine. 

Believe that you can unlock the key to your beautiful skin with a good skincare routine. 



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