Mental health during lockdown the natural way

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Did you know  that.....

...A study done by Bloomberg found that SA is the 2nd most stressed out nation in the world after Nigeria.

Stress  affects the gut, immune system and overall health. It is therefore important to supplement with a good probiotic like OptiFlora   to improve your gut health. OptiCalm are packed with all the stress vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B12  and will ensure that you maintain a healthy nervous system during lockdown.

Prof. Amanda Swart from the Stellenbosch University and her research team found that Rooibos can alleviate stress and anxiety by inhibiting the stress hormone, cortisol.

Several studies point to Rooibos tea’s ability to protect healthy cells from damage caused by free radicals and that its high level of antioxidants reduce the effects of oxidative stress.

Annique has a variety of Rooibos teas mixed with herbs. Night rest tea provides a calming and relaxing effect that helps to reduce anxiety and soothe the nerves. It contains Melissae leaves to promote sleep and prevent insomnia.

 Relax Tea contains Rooibos and Wild Jasmine which is excellent for relaxation after a stressful day as it de-stresses and calms. It is suitable for anyone suffering from trauma.



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