Superfoods - What are they and why do we need them?

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What are Superfoods?

It is foods that offer maximum benefits for minimal calories ( kJ).

Why do we need Superfoods?

We need superfoods to give our current fruit and vegetable intake a boost. Fruit and vegetables contains vitamins, minerals, fibre and anti-oxidants that prevent cell damage.

The World Health Organisation recommends 5 servings of fruit and vegatables a day. Recent research found that the greatest benefit comes from eating 10 portions (800g).

“Fruit and vegetables have been shown to reduce cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and to boost the health of our blood vessels and immune system. This may be due to the complex network of nutrients they hold. For instance, they contain many antioxidants, which may reduce DNA damage, and lead to a reduction in cancer risk."


What is available?

The first one bone broth, is a high protein Superfood drink, packed with collagen to promotes healthy ageing, joint and bone health.

White superfood is a potent combo of nutrient-rich garlic and green Rooibos extract that provides massive immune boosting benefits to protect you this winter.

Yellow superfood is a powerful combo of nutrient dense yellow root spices like tumeric and ginger with beta carotene from carrots and green Rooibos. It promotes eye health, soothes arthritis, promotes healthy joints and skin and promotes digestion.

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