The Story of Lekker Rooibos

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#storyofmylife Like many of you, I never envisioned running my own business. Since I started working, I have always been a salaried worker, even after getting married and having children. 

 Having an empty nest when my children grew up and left home, I felt the time had come for a new challenge. I went out of my comfort zone and started a business that resonated with me. Here I am today, proudly managing Lekker Rooibos. 

 Annique was the perfect fit for me as it is a proudly South African business with quality rooibos based products that are well in demand and popular. The low risk of the Annique business appealed to me as I am a risk-averse person as both my parents worked for a salary and were not in business.

 Annique vision was in line with my purpose in life "creating life-changing opportunities for everyone." Over the past six years, I noticed how the Annique products improved my clients' health and quality of their lives.

 Of course, it did not start easy for me - since this whole entrepreneurship journey was new. I learn many new things along the way (as we all do). I realise it's all about the mindset to achieve our goals. 

 To improve my business skills, I attended a presentation course offered by Annique, which helped me step out of my comfort zone. I had to overcome my fear of talking in front of an audience. I am building a team and invested in courses for personal development and leadership training. I also joined BNI to help me develop a business mindset and network with like-minded individuals. I must say, it is the ideal platform for long-life learning.

I also enjoy face-to-face activities like skincare training and team training as Covid forces us to optimise our use of social media. I am learning new skills every day and looking forward to becoming more active on social media. It keeps me excited every day!

  Enough about me, let's hear something about you too!

 Share more about what you do and why you are passionate about it.


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