Life Hacks to Stress Less

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Life Hacks to Stress Less      

Life can be super stressful, and sometimes no matter how hard you try to keep your cool, things get on top of you.

Learn how to reduce stress with these tips!

  1. Reduce your sugar intake

Research shows that when you're stressed, your adrenal glands release cortisol a stress hormone to manage it. Cortisol also affects your blood sugar level. So, the more your sugar intake spikes, the more stressed you'll feel.

Here are some practical tips to help you reduce your sugar intake and maintain a healthy diet:




Eat a low carb breakfast. Include eggs, nuts or Lifestyle Shake

Skip breakfast


Eat sugary cereals or sweets

Eat 4 to 5 servings of vegetables a day


Eat more sh, e.g. salmon, trout

Drink sugary drinks




  1. Get enough sleep

Stress and sleep have a two-way relationship. Stress can make it more difficult to fall asleep. It can even lead to sleep disorders. At the same time, getting a good night's sleep reduces the effects of stress.

Practise these tips to get a good night's rest every night:

  • Try to go to sleep and get up at the same time every day
  • Aim to keep your sleep schedule as regular as possible
  • Keep your electronic devices out of your bedroom
  • Wind down before you go to bed
  1. Exercise regularly

Exercise gets your blood owing and your heart pumping the result being that you sort of 'wake up on the inside'. As a result, once you stop, you're much more alert than you were before. Give yourself that push to get out for a run, go to the gym or just do a short workout in your bedroom. Exercise is a proven stress buster as it fills your brain with endorphins, which are happy hormones.


  1. Get some sunlight every day.

Anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes of sunlight per day will help to keep your serotonin levels in the healthy range. Remember to wear a hat and to apply sunscreen if you're going to be out in direct sunlight for longer than 15 minutes.

Resque Mist is formulated with wintergreen, eucalyptus, peppermint oil, camphor and menthol to help soothe migraine symptoms, insomnia and is a great mood lifter during stressful times. For neck and muscular pain, spray directly on the affected areas and rub in.

Night Rest tea provides a calming, relaxing effect that helps to reduce anxiety and soothe the nerves. It contains Melissae leaves to promote sleep and prevent insomnia.

OptiCalm contains essential B vitamins to help calm and relax the body, while it aids in improving memory, mood and your ability to cope. Children should take one capsule daily during exam time.

Several studies point to Rooibos tea's ability to protect healthy cells from damage caused by free radicals and its high level of antioxidants could reduce the effects of oxidative stress, which learners and students typically experience in the lead up to and during end-of-year exams.


Source credit:  Annique Health & Beauty Replique Oct 2019



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