Annique's 50th birthday

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Annique Health and Beauty celebrated its 50th birthday in April.

The founder of Annique Health and Beauty, Annique Theron had a colic child. She gave Rooibos to her colic child and noticed how her child's condition improved. Crediting the Rooibos for the results, she set out to make the world aware of the healing power of Rooibos. I honour Annique Theron for her visionary leadership and entrepreneurial skills.

Annique Theron received two Gold Medals in 1997 for the formulation of the Annique Rooibos products and was the Winner in Geneva, Switzerland of the WIPO's International Woman Inventor of 1997.

I am proud to be a part of this company that lives by its vision to create life-changing opportunities for everyone. Annique enables thousands individuals to start and grow their own Rooibos business.

Photo credit: Annique Health and Beauty

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