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Good health starts in the gut. An imbalance between good and bad organisms in the digestive tract can lead to poor digestion, and discomfort in the gut and many illnesses develop as a result of prolonged imbalances in the gut. The entire gut lining is replenished every 4 days, so continual supplementation with probiotics is key for great health.

Most people have less than optimal digestive systems, leading to poor absorption of nutrients and allowing harmful bacteria to multiply in the body. The digestive system contains beneficial micro-organisms and enzymes that break down and absorb nutrients from food and acts as a barrier against infections in the intestines.


Probiotics are “live microorganisms, indigenous to the human intestinal tract, which when consumed in adequate quantities improve the intestinal microbial balance and positively affect the functioning of the human intestinal tract and general health”.

Probiotic means ‘for life' in Greek. These friendly micro-organisms, when taken in adequate amounts, form the core of nutritional supplements, as their use positively influences the whole body and your overall health.


Numerous factors can affect the composition of beneficial intestinal microflora, which can lead to many health challenges.  The following factors destroy beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract:

  • Stress
  • Frequent use of antibiotics
  • Incorrect diet and yo-yo dieting
  • Diarrhoea
  • Impaired peristalsis
  • A compromised immune system
  • Ageing
  • Environmental pollution

7 signs of gut imbalance

  • Constipation, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), bloating, belching, indigestion, diarrhoea, cramps
  • Food allergies or intolerances
  • Skin conditions like acne or eczema
  • Immune system deficiencies
  • Undesirable changes in bowel movements
  • Thrush causing candida and other fungal infections
  • Taking antibiotics, contraceptive pills and hormone replacement therapy (HRT)

Taking a probiotic supplement, like OptiFlora+, will ensure that the maximum nutrition is extracted from food and supplements and allows the digestive system to function optimally and heal itself. (see below what factors are responsible for destroying and disrupting healthy intestinal flora). It can even aid the body in producing vitamins and help build the immune system to ward off illness!

Every single person should be taking a probiotic supplement. Its benefits are vast, from soothing digestive problems to clearing skin problems like eczema and allergies to strengthen your immune system. In our quest to improve our product ranges, Annique is proud to introduce a new and improved OptiFlora+, now with 15 strains and a total of 18 billion CFUs of probiotics.

The NEW Forever Healthy OptiFlora+ now contains 18 times more probiotics, amounting to 18 billion colony-forming units than the previous formula. We have removed the prebiotics from the formula, as it causes some instability in the previous OptiFlora formula. 


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