Anti-Ageing Serum 30ml with a FREE Creme De Nuit 50ml

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Achieve more youthful, radiant skin with our Anti-Ageing Serum 30ml. Formulated with anti-aging properties, it helps diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. As an added bonus, get a FREE Creme De Nuit 50ml! 🤩 💫

Turn back the clock with the Annique Forever Young Anti-Ageing Serum and get a FREE Crème De Nuit for only R599!

 Our Anti-Ageing Serum is a potent formula with botanical stem cells that target the root cause of ageing. It protects and rejuvenates your skin's precious stem cells for a youthful appearance. Grape stem cells from the rare red-fleshed Gamay variety and stem cells from the Argan tree work together to revive dermal and epidermal skin stem cells. The combination of Rooibos and Green Rooibos extract provides antioxidants and skin-soothing benefits.

 Our Crème De Nuit is a rich anti-ageing night cream that enhances your skin's repair process by providing the necessary nutrients to heal itself while you sleep. VNA 10+, a bioactive peptide with superior collagen-boosting activity, nourishes and repairs aged and dehydrated skin. Rooibos extract adds potent natural antioxidants for anti-ageing and skin-soothing benefits.

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