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 Testimonial from Hester van der Walt:

"I have three daughters of three different age groups:24, 21 and 14. They all benefit from Skin Detox as it is a wonderful product for every skin type.

It helps for acne and blackheads and improves smooth looking skin look as well. It is a versatile product that cleansing and improves oily and dry skin. I love skin detox, and even my daughter's boyfriends use it.

 There is no need for desperate measures like skin treatment medicine that is harmful to your body. Instead, use Skin Detox with Optiderm".

Why is Essence Skin Detox the perfect treatment for all skin types?

Essence Skin Detox is the ideal treatment to add to your daily skincare routine.  It provides optimal hydration to ensure your skin is protected from external elements like the sun, wind and heat. Dehydrated skin can cause itchy and flaking skin.

Ingredients like Macadamia nut oil, Vit A and E, Tiger Herb Leaf Extract and Rooibos extract enables skin detox to keep your skin smooth, supple and provide healing and regenerating properties. It gave your skin a youthful appearance.

Tiger Leaf Extract contains anti-inflammatory properties that increase blood supply to strengthen the skin and wound healing.


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