Mother's Day unique gifts

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 Get Mom the perfect gift. Avoid last-minute shopping and arrange the delivery to her doorstep.

For many of us, our moms are our whole world. They gave us a soft place to fall when we feel that everyone and everything turned against us. They are always present physically or remotely to help, listen, offer advice, and always offer the best hug. The hug to say everything is fine.

It is time to celebrate our magnificent Moms. They deserve to be pampered. Let's make her feel extra special this year. How can you spoil her? Every year it seems more challenging to find the perfect gift. Annique launched the Pink Champagne with a floral, fruity fragrance gift range for Mother's Day.

This gift pack contains three products:
Pink Champagne Body Wash (R129))
Pink Champagne Body Oil (R169)
Pink Champagne Body Butter (R249)
These products are ideal for a home spa.

Lekker Rooibos Pink Champagne Mother's Day gifts
Run a nice warm bath for your mom and allow her to rest and relax. Pour her a cup of jasmine tea or Pink Champagne. Light a candle to give it a truly spa-like experience.

Pink Champagne Body Wash
Miracle Tissue Oil Pink Champagne Body Wash gently cleans and hydrates your skin. The lovely fragrant body wash contains nourishing oils that leave your skin refreshed, supple and pampered. Apply the body wash onto a sponge, lather and rinse well.

Pink Champagne Body Oil
Miracle Tissue Oil Pink Champagne Body Oil is a delicate, lightweight formula that absorbs instantly into the skin. Apply it directly onto dry skin after bathing or showering and massage it lightly into the skin. Use it daily to improve the skin's moisture content.
Use in the bath or after a bath or shower to moisturise and soothe dry skin

Pink Champagne Body Butter
Pink Champagne Body Butter is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skins and is ultra-nourishing luxurious body butter. It contains Rooibos Miracle tissue oil, grapeseed oil and Pink Champagne with a floral, fruity fragrance.
Benefits are that it moisturises, lightens dark circles, fades scars, tightens skin, and prevents sun damage. Apply it gently with broad strokes until the body butter is completely absorbed.

Make spoiling your mom as easy as counting to three!

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