Gut health and our health

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Gut Health is the latest wellbeing buzzword – and for good reason. Our gut can affect everything from our energy levels to our mood. Hippocrates said, “All illness starts in our gut” or our gastrointestinal tract as we know it.

There are more than 2kg of good and bad bacteria in our gut. The key to good health would be to constantly maintain a good balance between good and bad bacteria. Without such a balance one would open yourself up too many illnesses that are coursed by bacteria.

With an unhealthy gut, it doesn’t help to take nutrients as it will simply leak through the gut membranes, therefore it is extremely important for general health to drink OptiFlora that provides flora or good bacteria to maintain that crucial balance. Under normal circumstances, OptiFlora would be enough.

The situation changes radically when one needs to take anti-biotics. Antibiotics kill all bacteria, as no distinction is made between good and bad bacteria. In such an instance, our Annique pro-biotic power should be taken. It has a nine strain probiotic formula and one should take one sachet each day of the seven provided over seven days. Always take OptiFlora and the Annique pro-biotic power just before bedtime. Drink the anti-biotic at supper time so that it doesn’t destroy the good bacteria in the powder. Other illnesses that can be avoided by taking OptiFlora daily are the influence of stress, constipation, diarrhea, overweight, skin problems, allergies, bad digestion, and even food poisoning.

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